Sunday, Feb 28: Day Three, Holding steady

Charlie and I visited Dan this afternoon, and they continue monitoring his blood pressure and waiting for the new kidney’s filtering to fully kick in. Even though the doctors are saying that this is not uncommon, I think Dan is a little disappointed the kidney hasn’t already gotten up to speed. They may do another ultrasound tomorrow, or perhaps a nuclear imaging test, to examine the blood flow to the kidney. So far though, no dialysis needed. This is great news. Also good news is that his blood sugar levels didn’t skyrocket like the docs thought they might, so Dan doesn’t have to start any insulin injections.

We watched a movie together and helped Dan walk around the floor — his second walk of the day, and it didn’t seem to cause him much pain. He doesn’t have his morphine clicker anymore, but he is taking a huge amount of pills. I think he said he had already gone through about 30 before we got there, and the nurse came in with another 15 tablets during dinner.

Dan received a large white binder today, filled with instructions for when he leaves the hospital. We’re hoping he gets to come home Thursday. I’m not quite sure how well he’s going to be navigating the stairs, but his doctor said it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. He’ll need to adhere to a strict schedule of taking his medications daily and going in for lab work three mornings a week (I didn’t get through the whole book so I’m sure there’s other stuff that I’ll catch up on later). I immediately started planning an Excel spreadsheet to track it all. What a nerd. :)

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