Tuesday, March 2: Day Five, High five

I visited with Dan at lunchtime today, and he said that there is some talk of letting him go home maybe as early as tomorrow (Wednesday)! His creatinine is lower, which gives an indication that the kidney’s filtering superpowers are starting to kick in. Very good news! He is walking the halls as much as he can, although it does make him tired and he feels some pain from it. The nurses are encouraging him to get exercise but not to overdo it…his body will regain strength more quickly.

Transplant Services, 4th floor, Good Sam Hospital
Transplant Services, 4th floor, Good Sam Hospital

His blood sugar is holding fairly steady, which has surprised the doctors (in a good way). Usually (like 99.99999% of the time) when a patient is taking oral medication for diabetes prior to a transplant, they develop full-blown diabetes that requires insulin injections. So far, Dan’s bucked the trend — he’s hoping they’ll write a journal article about him. :)

He would really, really like a chocolate milkshake. (Watching the Food Channel is fun, but you end up with a lot of cravings.) However, he needs to avoid any added sugars right now until his medications level out and his body defines a new “normal”. So maybe in a few weeks we’ll take him out for his treat. He’s also starting to do some travel planning for the summer. We have had to stick very close to Portland for the last several months, since Dan’s been on the “active” transplant list, so we’ve had to put off trips to Seattle, the Oregon coast, and Arizona. We hope to do all of these things sometime this year, as Dan’s doctors give us the go-ahead.

Thanks again for all of your support. I’m hoping that the next update will show a photo of Dan in his comfy recliner at home.

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  1. I’m so happy that he’s doing well! This has been quite a journey for you all. Thank you for keeping us “posted”.

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