Charlie’s Poetry Night – 2010

[Video to be added soon]

Here is the video I mentioned in my last post. Charlie selected two poems from Shel Silverstein, but the first one tickled his funnybone and he had a little trouble finishing. I love to hear him laugh.

Here is the poem (take a guess where he kept laughing):

Crowded Tub

There’s too many kids in this tub
There’s too many elbows to scrub
I just washed a behind that I’m sure wasn’t mine
There’s too many kids in this tub.

And here’s the second one:


Channel 1’s no fun.
Channel 2’s just news.
Channel 3’s hard to see.
Channel 4 is just a bore.
Channel 5 is all jive.
Channel 6 needs to be fixed.
Channel 7 and Channel 8-
Just old movies, not so great.
Channel 9’s a waste of time.
Channel 10 is off, my child.
Wouldn’t you like to talk a while?

One thought on “Charlie’s Poetry Night – 2010

  1. Love Charlie’s laughter in the video. You could see how tickled he was. What a nice event his school has! Can’t wait to hear what poem he memorizes for next year! Love to you and your family~ Donna and Riley

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