Sunday, March 14: Day 17, Taking it easy

By my reckoning, Dan is on the 17th day with his new kidney. He reached a milestone yesterday: because he’s not taking mega-doses of Prednisone any longer, he can go out in public without a mask! He still carries one in case we encounter coughers or sneezers, but all in all it’s easier for him now. He will continue to taper down on the Prednisone and I believe he’ll be done with it by the end of this week. He still needs to take his anti-rejection meds twice a day, and his thrice-weekly lab results will indicate if the dosage is right. It’s amazing, really, the small mountain of pills that he’s taking. He’s quite the expert on taking them all at once.

Some of the things on Dan’s wishlist: being able to take a bath, drinking a big chocolate milkshake, and driving to the coast.

We’ve been to a few more clinics since the last post. Dan’s creatinine is now below 2, which is very good. His doctors are closely watching his wound area – it’s not infected but continues to drain. It’s good that it’s draining and there’s no fluid collecting inside, but it’s bothersome to deal with. The docs even ordered an ultrasound on Friday (which went well) to make sure the kidney and wound area look okay and they don’t seem overly concerned — ┬ábut in case there’s an infection building in there somewhere, they are very watchful and want to know right away if Dan’s temperature rises over 100 or if he gets the chills or feels poorly at all. The hour-long ultrasound made for a very long clinic visit. We were there from 7:30am until almost 1pm.

Thank goodness for the weekends, when we can all catch up on some sleep, prepare a few dinners for the coming week, and clean up the house. And thank goodness for my mom, who let Charlie spend the night with her on Friday to give us a few hours of downtime. Charlie continues to do very well with our new schedule, but I’m not able to spend as much time as I’d like with him on his homework. I know, homework in kindergarten! All I know is that he is very ready for first grade so I am not overly concerned about him being late with a few assignments.

Happy Pi Day (3/14) — which reminds me that this year Charlie’s birthday is on 10/10/10, which is way cool.

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