Tuesday, March 16: Day 19, Feelin’ groovy

Today things are feeling more like “normal”, for everyone. Yesterday Dan told me that he doesn’t feel so much a “patient” anymore, but is feeling more like his old (but much improved) self. For me, today at work seemed like a regular day and I didn’t feel like I had a to-do list longer than Santa’s. For Charlie, he is just happy that he’s lost his latest wiggly tooth and he doesn’t have to worry about it affecting his eating for the time being (the next tooth has already started its wiggly dance but isn’t annoying yet).

Yesterday, Dan had a great clinic. His staples were removed (surprisingly painless), he was told that he only has to go to clinics twice a week now, and his creatinine continues its descent. It felt like we’d reached another kind of milestone, so we celebrated by getting Dan his much-deserved chocolate milkshake. Way to go, Dan! His doctors are still watching the incision site, which continues to drain a bit, but it should resolve itself with time. Hmm, there should be a rule against putting “milkshake” and “drain” in the same paragraph. Sorry!


Hopefully Charlie will continue to get used to the new-ish routine. He’s been prone to whining lately, and told Dan yesterday that he can tell that good news is not on the way when I start a sentence with “I”ll tell you what…”. Personally, I think that you can’t really tell if it’s good or bad news when I say that. Half the time I find myself negotiating with him without even meaning to. Kids would make great attorneys. He has Spring Break next week and his daycare has planned a slate of fun activities and field trips that he’s been looking forward to. Oh, and T-ball will be starting soon. Charlie’s going to be on the “Giants” team,¬†and we’re attending the first team meeting this week. I just want a photo of him in that cute uniform!

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  1. A chocolate milkshake sounds wonderful. Glad you were able to enjoy that treat. Amazing that you can go out without a face mask! Really smart to carry it just in case (face mask that is not the chocolate shake….although carrying a chocolate shake just in case may not be a bad idea). Love getting these updates from you. Hope all is well!

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