Saturday, April 3: Day 37, Busy Day

Wow, it’s been over a week since I’ve written here. We’ve gotten used to our new routine, and Dan continues to only need to go to the transplant and wound clinics once a week. We’ve been taking good care of two sites on his incision that need attention. One is really healing nicely, but the other is taking its sweet time with this whole healing thing. We are doing everything that the nurse at the wound clinic has instructed us to do. She keeps us fairly well stocked with supplies, but occasionally I’ll need to track down something or other that we’ve gotten too low on — and it needs to be used that same day. Just so you know, tracking down specialized medical supplies (like those little plastic cups you take your pills with, and an anti-microbial gel called “Silvasorb” that must have real silver in it – it’s expensive!) is a little like going on a scavenger hunt. One that closes at 5pm on weekdays and is closed on the weekends. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to find what was needed. :)

Lab numbers are still good, and the doctors seem happy. I have to say that going to the clinic one time a week is much preferred over the ‘three times a week’ routine.

We spent the morning doing fun stuff, but we didn’t have a moment to spare until lunch time. First, we attended the Easter egg hunt at West Gresham Elementary School. It’s put on by the staff at the daycare where Charlie spent his first five years. I’ve never seen so many people there — and in spite of the rain! We had to be there at 9:00am sharp, because once they “release the hounds”, er, kids, the actual “hunting” part only lasts for about five minutes. I’ve got video – it’s like a horde of ants descending on a field of candy. Very fun though, and we’re thankful to the owners and staff of the daycare for all of the work they put into this each year. This is apparently the 60th year of this particular Easter egg hunt, and going strong!

Right after the eggs were gathered, we sped over to the baseball field for opening day festivities for Little League. It had stopped raining but was extremely cold. Pictures were taken and then the kids ate pancakes, and finally it was time to get lined up for team introductions. They took the kids out, lined them up by team, and left them standing in the outfield for what seemed like four hours while the board of directors were introduced and then some other announcements were made but we couldn’t hear them because they were using speakers from a kids’ karaoke set (or so it seemed). By the time they finally led the kids off the field, I was half frozen, Dan was in the car, and Charlie just wanted to go home. Yay, team! Our first game is this Thursday and we’re really hoping for better weather.

Oh, I forgot to mention that during this whole time I was just itching to get in line at the Apple store for a new iPad (especially at 9am when I could just imagine the folks who were in line and the doors opening up). Dan thinks that its ridiculous for someone to wait in line to buy anything, but somehow that iPad has been calling my name ever since Apple announced it. And ordering it for delivery sometime in the far future (April 12) seems so anti-climactic and blah.

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