Wednesday, April 7: Day 41, Now that’s what I call a great clinic day!

We had wound clinic this morning and the nurse was so happy with the way Dan is healing that she updated the wound care regimen so that it’s now tremendously easy to carry out. No more complicated steps and no more multitudes of different medical supplies — a large adhesive bandage and some anti-microbial gel and Dan’s good to go!

More good news awaited us at the transplant clinic. Dan’s doctor gave him the go-ahead to drive! (He did recommend that Dan check out his braking reflexes in an empty parking lot before going for his first drive, just to be sure he’s ready.) I’m sure Dan is excited to be able to escape the confines of the house without calling me to drive him, but I’m really thrilled. Not that I don’t enjoy being Dan’s chauffeur, but it’s going to be great to have Dan available to drop off and pick up CharlieĀ from school and daycare. Whee!

Dan’s lab numbers continue to hold steady and the docs seem happy with his progress. They will want to do a biopsy on the new kidney sometime in the next couple of weeks to evaluate how well it’s doing. They repeated their earlier assurances that this biopsy will be much less unpleasant than the one Dan went through when he was first diagnosed with kidney disease. Knowing Dan, I bet he’ll continue worrying about it until it happens, but hopefully at a lower level.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support. :)

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