Wednesday, April 14: Day 48, Another great clinic day!

Dan skated through his two clinic visits today! First, he saw the transplant docs. His labs are good and his creatinine is even a little bit down. It’ll probably stay between 1.7 and 1.9 as his new normal. They didn’t need to adjust any medications and they even said that since his incision site is finally healing up well, he’s turned into a “boring” case. Well, boring is good! Also, Dan should only need to visit the wound clinic once more, so it’ll be good to go back to just a single clinic — although we really love the nurse that Dan’s been seeing there, and we’ll miss seeing her. The semi-dreaded routine biopsy has been scheduled for the 27th. They’ll be able to see at a microscopic level if there are any early signs of rejection. If there are, I believe they’ll address it with a change in medications.

I can’t believe that Dan only has about a month left at the transplant clinic before he “graduates” from their program. Wow. Looking back, it’s been an interesting trip and it seems like such a long road. But looking at Dan today and the amount of energy that he has — it’s totally amazing. I’m so glad he’s feeling so much better!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 14: Day 48, Another great clinic day!

  1. Yea!!!!!! That is fabulous news. Boring is great! Looking forward to seeing you race up and down the halls. Miss your smiling face!

  2. Wow…I think that is probably the first time Dan has ever been called boring! Hope all is well with the family. I will keep you in my prayers for great news on the 27th!

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