My Favorite Space-related resources (for now…)

I’d like to share a list of my favorite space and science links at the AZ STEM Expo this Saturday, so I will post them here for ease of reference. I’m sure I’ve missed some of your favorites, so let me know what they are and I’ll add a reader-suggested section!

Contact me here or via Twitter at @nwkmom. Looking forward to revisiting some of these very soon!

Explore more! Check out our favorite space-related links


Fizzy / Pop Rockets
Build a Stomp Rocket Launcher
Build Paper Rockets to use with your Rocket Launcher
Pop Can “Hero Engine”


Papercraft models:

JPL Paper Models:
NASA paper models:
We built a simple scale model of the Cassini spacecraft:


Live, realtime, and incredibly awesome!

Live video from the ISS! See the earth from the space station!
NASA Deep Space Network real-time dashboard – see the Voyager Probes communicating with scientists!
Simulation app! NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System, a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data that you control!
Education & Launch coverage! Watch live streaming of launches and educational programs at NASA TV!
Spot the International Space Station as it appears over your city!
How many people are in space RIGHT NOW? See who they are and what countries they represent!


Get Social and Connect with NASA

Some of my favorite space-related Twitter accounts & hashtags:
#spacetweeps, #NASASocial, #launchfever, #STEM
@MarsCuriosity – on the planet Mars right now!@NASAVoyager – headed out of the solar system!@Astro_Clay – Clayton Anderson, NASA astronaut@Astro_Cady – Catherine “Cady” Coleman, NASA astronaut

@Astro_Flow – Leland Melvin, NASA astronaut

@StationCDRKelly – Scott Kelly, NASA astronaut preparing for his next mission

@NASA – the main NASA Twitter account

@NASAJPL – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

@carolynporco – Carolyn Porco, planetary scientist and Cassini expert

Photos on Pinterest from NASA astronaut and mom Karen Nyberg
Ambient Space Station Sounds and Music from Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield
Multiple NASA YouTube accounts offer outstanding video, news, astronaut Q&A
Goddard Space Flight Center is just one of many NASA Flickr accounts sharing images from real missions
Facebook is an excellent way to connect to NASA
NASA Apps, ringtones, ebooks, blogs, and chats
Be an explorer! Register for a NASA Social
Past NASA Socials documented by the community


Citizen Science – your participation is requested!

Cosmoquest: Planet Mappers, Moon Mappers, Asteroid Mappers
NASA Citizen Science
Zooinverse: Take part in Science Projects:
Planetary Society’s collection of citizen science opportunities:



What good is space exploration?
Worldwide launch calendar
NASA resources for students
See the gorgeous images of Saturn and its rings coming from the Cassini mission
NASA Kids’ Club
How does space exploration improve your daily life?
SpacePlace: Cool Stuff For Parents and Educators
Rockets Educator Guide
NASA resources for teachers





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