Happy 5-year Anniversary to Dan’s Kidney!

Five years ago on the 25th of February, an anonymous organ donor (deceased) gave the priceless gift of her kidney to Dan. We are so very grateful to her family, who allowed her wishes to be carried out on what must have been an extremely difficult and emotional day. The difference in Dan’s quality of life now, compared with how he felt a little more than five years ago, is incredible — in fact, he started feeling more like himself almost immediately after the surgery, and sometimes it’s easy to forget how sick he really was.So first, sincere thanks to the donor and her family, and to the transplant team at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon, and to all of the nurses and doctors who cared for him during his recovery. And thanks to the people who sent prayers and good thoughts, visited us in the hospital and helped us with meals, childcare, and transportation during that time.

Second, please consider becoming an organ donor yourself. Make your wishes known to your family. Find out more at http://donatelife.net/organ-donation/ andhttp://www.organdonor.gov/index.html.

Third, happy (re)birthday to Dan’s kidney! The photo below was taken three months after the transplant, right after we completed a 5K walk for the American Heart Association.

2010 Heart Walk 

To see what all of this was like for us five years ago, you can read my blog posts that describe the phone call (“we have a kidney for you”), the hospital stay, and the recovery (posts from the bottom of the page are the earliest):http://sitewinder.com/2010/02/

We love you, Dan!


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